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Should you have anything to tell us or should you need any further information from us, please feel free to contact our company. We will respond you quickly.

Before contacting the support team with a problem please read the remarks below.

Headquarters, Europe

Alkotás utca 41,
Budapest, 1123 Hungary
Phone: +36 1 201 9650
Fax: +36 1 201 9651
Email: Click here to send us an email
Map: Get direction on map
United States of America

28059 US Highway 19 North, Suite 203,
Clearwater, Florida 33761
United States of America
Phone: +1 (727) 724 4219
Fax: +1 (727) 724 4290
Email: Click here to send us an email
Map: Get direction on map

Should you want us to send you a free electronic product catalogue on DVD or VCD, please feel free to send us an email:

Click here Request Product DVD

Please do not alter the subject line ("Request Product DVD"). Thank you.

Remarks for contacting the Support team with a problem:

Please explain the problem as detailed as possible and always send the following information for making it easier to help you:

  • The exact type of the product you have and its serial number.
  • If you have problems during recognition, send images from the document taken with the Demo Application.
  • If there is any error code or message appearing, please write the code and the place where it occurs (sending a screenshot is much better).
  • If you noticed the problem while running a Demo or a sample application, please write the name of the application you tested.
  • If you have some problem while developing your own application, please name the programming language and compiler you use (version number!)
    and if possible please send a short part of the source code.
  • Please write if you use ActiveX or DLL.
  • Please try to determine the place where the error occurs (e.g. "when I call GetOCR() function for the second time, it always hangs...")

Before sending back a faulty device to repair, always contact the ARH Support Team!

IMPORTANT: Repairs may be executed by the manufacturer only!

Click here to contact the Support Team

You should not use the contact information of ARH Inc. for marketing purposes.
You need our expressed written consent to include us into any database.

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